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White Water Rafting trip April 2004

Lower New River 10,000 CFS, covered 16 miles
Gauley River between 1200 & 1600 CFS apx, covered 11 miles
Everything Else various scenic, campground and other non-rafting shots
Some captions still to come, most un-captioned are just sceninc or shots of rapids...

Intresting facts about the New River Gorge Bridge
The New River Gorge Bridge is the longest steel-arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere.
The Lupu Bridge in Shanghai, at 550 meters, bests the New River Gorge Bridge by 32 meters (105 feet)


The Roadkill Project's @ Shiro Tora

baby pics - Little David - Born April 14, 2003 3D Enhanced if your browser supports it...

Birthright Israel Trip Pics: From my trip to ISRAEL in January 2003. Plan to add captions at some point...

NMSS-NCC info: Link to the Washington, DC or National Capitol Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. To find information on your local chapter call 1-800-Fight-MS, choose option 1 to be connected to your local chapter! You may also visit the National Site for Multiple Scelrosis at (MS links will take you to sites owned and operated by the National MS Society)

The Roadkill Project News:
presents selected news links/resources (being updated)

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